Week 2: Progress & Discoveries

As I started on my journey last week I was very unsure of myself and the choice of switching to keto. That unsure feeling of whether or not I could do it has been overcome by new found confidence in myself and my journey. I feel like week two has solidified my new lifestyle and, while my house is technically a split household (my spouse and son are not ketoers), my cupboards are filling up with more and more low carb foods integrating into my every day life. Now I can just snag something on the fly instead of having to strategically plan ahead all the time.

This past week I have picked up Instagramming nearly every day with new foods and recipes I have tried. I have found some awesome fellow ketoers who have inspired me with both new food ideas and confidence to carry on. The keto community is truly a wonderful place of positivity and inspiration.

My Discoveries this Week

Taco salad is definitely doable as low carb and it is so delicious! You would be surprised how many sugars and carbohydrate additives a majority of food manufactures sneak into taco seasoning. I found a great company that has zero carbs taco seasoning and it is packed with flavor! Everyone in our house eats this one.

There are lots of low carb treats out there! You just have to find them. Lily’s chocolate is just one of the keto/low carb treats that I bought this past week. I still have a few more I’m looking forward to trying.

Flax seed muffins have quickly become my favorite low carb meal or side. I recently started adding a small scoop of chia seeds to my muffin for breakfast which has made it even more filling. A number of times this week I didn’t feel hungry again until late in the day because of this.

Macros & Looking Forward

As I wrap up my second week and have become more comfortable with making food choices I have started focusing more on my long term goals. Initially I am focusing on weight loss. To manage that more thoroughly I have calculated and started tracking my macros (fat, carbs & protein) with an app on my phone called Stupid Simple Keto. It has all of the base ingredients’ nutritional information in the app with the option to add your own food. For example I have added entries for Epic Bacon Bars and Quest Bars that I can add on the fly now. I think this will be an extremely useful tool to help me manage my macro intake.

All in all this week has been eye opening, inspiring, and just plain awesome. I have never felt better and I can’t wait for next week.


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