The Wondrous Cauliflower

I see cauliflower used everywhere in keto cooking – pizza crust, tots, roasted, mixed into muffins and mashed. I was really unsure about cauliflower mash. I’ve seen it on quite a few keto sites but assumed the texture would be really weird and lumpy. Much to my surprise, and despite winging it to boot, my cauliflower mash turned out creamy and delicious! The details are below.


2 cups cauliflower flowerettes (I used frozen)
about 1/4 cup coconut milk (I eyeballed this)
1 tsp minced garlic
2 tbs butter
2 tbs parmesan cheese
fresh parsley (for garnish)

1. Steam or microwave cauliflower
2. Place 1/2 of cooked cauliflower into food processor or blender.
3. Gradually add the rest of the cauliflower and coconut milk as you blend to a desired consistency.
4. Blend in butter, garlic and parmesan cheese. Salt to taste.
5. That's it! Top with parsley for a pretty (and tasty) garnish.

Makes 2-3 servings (if you can push yourself to share because it is that yummy)


Net Carbs: About 8g for entire dish

Note: I did not count the carbs in coconut milk because it is <1g per cup.


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