First Month Complete!


It has been a crazy busy weekend in our house but I wanted to take few minutes to write about my first month on keto. With one month complete I am down 15 lbs and so far averaging 2-3lbs per week after water weight. I have settled into daily life keeping track of my macro intake and it’s become second nature. Keto has influenced the rest of my household as well. Both my spouse and son are consuming less sugary foods and carbohydrates overall.

Today I spent  quite a bit of time cooking and preparing food for the week. I have herb baked eggs for breakfasts, chicken salad for lunches and I baked up a loaf of almond bread that I am super excited about. I will definitely be posting that recipe soon!

As I start in on my second month I have joined in on the /r/100DaysofKeto challenge. My challenge for myself is 25lbs in 100 days. If I can keep up my pace, I should hit that no problem! I can’t wait to see!


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