Victory & 100 Days of Keto


I have been meaning to sit down and write an update for a few days now. I have had a fairly busy past two weeks with big projects under way, multiple birthday get-togethers and trying to squeeze in some fun before summer is over.

If I had to condense the past two weeks of keto down to one word it would be triumph. After a birthday dinner and get together I had nearly knocked myself out of ketosis. I was crushed but determined not to give up. Earlier in the week I had happened upon the Bulletproof web site and had ordered both Bulletproof coffee beans and Brain Octane Oil – which just so happened to arrive the day after nearly overdosing on carbs. I nursed myself with Bulletproof Coffee, slowing crawling out of the carb-induced hangover that had overcome me. I was sure that I had lost all of the progress I had made the previous week and worried over reaching my goal on the 100 Days of Keto challenge but over the next few days something amazing happened. There is no other word to describe it other than to say that I just started feeling awesome! Every day, as I worked my way up to a full serving of Brain Octane Oil, I felt more and more awake. It’s as if I power-washed my brain.

As the week continued I wondered if I had gained back any weight. Scared and nervous over what I would find, I weighed myself halfway through the week and I was stunned. I had lost almost 2 pounds in a matter of three days – including the night out! With renewed resolve and determination I finished out the week feeling amazing.

I weighed myself again this morning before writing this update. I’m down nearly another 5 pounds. Now, I can’t say if it’s solely because of Bulletproof Coffee or not but one thing is for sure – in the week that I have been drinking Bulletproof Coffee I have felt more alive, more me than ever before. I am so excited to check in for week two on the 100 Days of Keto tomorrow!

Over the next two weeks I should have lots of recipes to post about. I went a little overboard shopping today with tons of big ideas in my head on new meals and keto-fying dishes. Stay tuned and to stay in touch on day-to-day things be sure to check me out on Instagram as @Ketoswitch.



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