100 Days of Keto: Achievement Unlocked!


I am so excited to be writing this blog post right now. It took a little longer than I planned on my last challenge post but, with 3 weeks still to go, I reached my goal this week on the 100 Days of Keto challenge! In fact, I kind of blew this week out of the water by losing EIGHT POUNDS! I owe it all to an unplanned intermittent fasting day this last Thursday. I was sure I would gain it all back over the following few days (I was very skeptical of fasting) but I kept on losing and went down another pound. This has been an incredible journey and I can’t wait until the next challenge starts.

This past week I also had my yearly check up with my doctor. Last time he saw me I was 35 pounds heavier. Needless to say I blew him away. It was also a refreshing surprise that he wasn’t against the Keto diet at all. He was happy it was working for me and just made sure to do thorough testing.

This past week has been an important milestone for me. Not just because I succeeded in my first weight loss challenge but I also learned that it’s okay to go out and relax as well. Last Friday I went out with co-workers and had a few drinks and munched on very non-keto friendly bar food. I had quite a bit of anxiety leading up to going out because I was afraid it would destroy my progress. It was a pleasant surprise for me that it didn’t stall my progress at all but I learned at the end of the day it’s OKAY to enjoy yourself and have fun with friends. All in moderation, right?

Here’s to another 100 Days of Keto and more amazing experiences!


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