100 Days of Keto: Week 6 Update


As the summer officially came to a close I finished it out with a bang. This week I broke my weekly weight loss high score by losing 5.6 lbs in 7 days. A lot contributed to that such as busy days cleaning and moving things around the house, consecutive days with 10 or less net carbs and I also feel including Bulletproof Coffee with Brain Octane in my daily regimen has significantly improved my weight loss progress and my overall well being.

Current weight loss: 16.8 lbs
Remaining challenge weight to lose: 8.2 lbs
Weeks remaining: 8

I’m going to challenge myself to lose the remaining 8 lbs of the challenge in 4 weeks. With the great progress I have been making I’m confident I can do it!

My next goal will be to lose another 10-15 lbs in the remaining 8 weeks before the new year. With that loss I will be entering the new year 57lbs lighter than when I started Keto in mid-July.

I have been working on some new recipe ideas which I’m excited to share on the blog. I will be writing those out this week. I also am putting together some grocery shopping lists to share and help newcomers to Keto. I found Keto initially very intimidating and what got me started was the One Week Keto Meal Plan on the Keto sub-Reddit. Look for those in the coming days and weeks.

Hope everyone is having a great start to their week! We got this!




Victory & 100 Days of Keto


I have been meaning to sit down and write an update for a few days now. I have had a fairly busy past two weeks with big projects under way, multiple birthday get-togethers and trying to squeeze in some fun before summer is over.

If I had to condense the past two weeks of keto down to one word it would be triumph. After a birthday dinner and get together I had nearly knocked myself out of ketosis. I was crushed but determined not to give up. Earlier in the week I had happened upon the Bulletproof web site and had ordered both Bulletproof coffee beans and Brain Octane Oil – which just so happened to arrive the day after nearly overdosing on carbs. I nursed myself with Bulletproof Coffee, slowing crawling out of the carb-induced hangover that had overcome me. I was sure that I had lost all of the progress I had made the previous week and worried over reaching my goal on the 100 Days of Keto challenge but over the next few days something amazing happened. There is no other word to describe it other than to say that I just started feeling awesome! Every day, as I worked my way up to a full serving of Brain Octane Oil, I felt more and more awake. It’s as if I power-washed my brain.

As the week continued I wondered if I had gained back any weight. Scared and nervous over what I would find, I weighed myself halfway through the week and I was stunned. I had lost almost 2 pounds in a matter of three days – including the night out! With renewed resolve and determination I finished out the week feeling amazing.

I weighed myself again this morning before writing this update. I’m down nearly another 5 pounds. Now, I can’t say if it’s solely because of Bulletproof Coffee or not but one thing is for sure – in the week that I have been drinking Bulletproof Coffee I have felt more alive, more me than ever before. I am so excited to check in for week two on the 100 Days of Keto tomorrow!

Over the next two weeks I should have lots of recipes to post about. I went a little overboard shopping today with tons of big ideas in my head on new meals and keto-fying dishes. Stay tuned and to stay in touch on day-to-day things be sure to check me out on Instagram as @Ketoswitch.


Week 2: Progress & Discoveries

As I started on my journey last week I was very unsure of myself and the choice of switching to keto. That unsure feeling of whether or not I could do it has been overcome by new found confidence in myself and my journey. I feel like week two has solidified my new lifestyle and, while my house is technically a split household (my spouse and son are not ketoers), my cupboards are filling up with more and more low carb foods integrating into my every day life. Now I can just snag something on the fly instead of having to strategically plan ahead all the time.

This past week I have picked up Instagramming nearly every day with new foods and recipes I have tried. I have found some awesome fellow ketoers who have inspired me with both new food ideas and confidence to carry on. The keto community is truly a wonderful place of positivity and inspiration.

My Discoveries this Week

Taco salad is definitely doable as low carb and it is so delicious! You would be surprised how many sugars and carbohydrate additives a majority of food manufactures sneak into taco seasoning. I found a great company that has zero carbs taco seasoning and it is packed with flavor! Everyone in our house eats this one.

There are lots of low carb treats out there! You just have to find them. Lily’s chocolate is just one of the keto/low carb treats that I bought this past week. I still have a few more I’m looking forward to trying.

Flax seed muffins have quickly become my favorite low carb meal or side. I recently started adding a small scoop of chia seeds to my muffin for breakfast which has made it even more filling. A number of times this week I didn’t feel hungry again until late in the day because of this.

Macros & Looking Forward

As I wrap up my second week and have become more comfortable with making food choices I have started focusing more on my long term goals. Initially I am focusing on weight loss. To manage that more thoroughly I have calculated and started tracking my macros (fat, carbs & protein) with an app on my phone called Stupid Simple Keto. It has all of the base ingredients’ nutritional information in the app with the option to add your own food. For example I have added entries for Epic Bacon Bars and Quest Bars that I can add on the fly now. I think this will be an extremely useful tool to help me manage my macro intake.

All in all this week has been eye opening, inspiring, and just plain awesome. I have never felt better and I can’t wait for next week.

Reflecting on My First Week


I has been a very eye opening and amazing week for me. For so long I struggled with my weight and food, trying different diets and exercise routines to no avail. I have watched both Food, Inc. and Supersize Me along with countless other videos floating around the interwebs. I had the knowledge on the monumental amount of sugar and, quite frankly, CRAP being put into our food but it truly did not sink in until this week.

The “Aha!” moment occurred to me a few days ago as I brainstormed ideas for my week two meal plan. Google unit converter and Fat Secret’s nutritional information became my go-to tools. The more I researched and laid out my options the more I found how absolutely disgusted I was with the sugar count in packaged foods. Everything, literally, EVERYTHING has sugar or some variety of carbohydrate additive in it. Can’t a girl just have a piece of jerky without nearly my entire day’s worth of carbs in it?!

This is what has inspired me to keep moving forward with keto. One step, one meal at a time. Little by little I find new food, expand my horizons and gain even more confidence in my latest life choice. This week I have made tremendous emotional progress. That alone keeps me inspired to continue on but I also made some great physical progress.

In my first week on keto I am down nearly 10 pounds. I have more energy and don’t feel sluggish in the afternoons. It is truly hard to put into words how much better my body feels. Next week my goal is to start setting time aside for Yoga again to heal my body and my mind inside and out.